Junior Staff

The Junior Staff is made up of Junior Coaches (JCs) and Program Assistants (PAs) who are alumni under age 21 that apply to volunteer at the seminar. JCs work alongside Leadership Coaches facilitating group discussions, leading cheers, and setting a solid example for youth leadership. PAs mostly work behind the scenes, assisting state committee members with their responsibilities, and working hard to ensure the seminar runs smoothly. All JCs and PAs work together ensuring Student Leaders receive the best possible experience while helping them reach their potential to become OUTSTANDING leaders!

(From L to R):
Third Row: Erica W., Connor E., Rachel Hall., Emily T., Keaton E., Brock U., Rebecca B., Macey S., Noah K., Ethan J., Samantha N., Elizabeth D.
Second Row:Victoria H., Samantha F., Brett M., Callie B., Logan B., Lizzy T., Hannah M., Brooke T., Payton S., Natalie G., Sierra C., Ashley N.
First Row: Kolby T., Kari L., Elizabeth H., Ally Carson., Torrin P., Ashley B., M'Kenna K., Taren B., Heidi K., Veranna B., Lexi M.
Forefront: PMAs Mr. Bret C. & Miss Kelsey A.

Adult Staff

The Adult Staff is comprised of Leadership Coaches (LCs) who are small group leaders that are at least 21 years old. LCs help facilitate group conversations by encouraging full participation, promoting mutual understanding and cultivating shared responsibility by supporting everyone to do their best thinking. They encourage students to become OUTSTANDING leaders and help them get as much out of the weekend as possible.

(From L to R):
Third Row: Mitch Johnson, Josh Knutson, Josh Haugen, Jed Geer, Jacob Dixon, Joe Kalka, Ryan Huber, Kevin Aase
Second Row: Ian Keller, Josh Ressler, Bobbi Jo Maly, William Behrmann, Chyna Lynner, Jessica O'Day, Jennifer Riemann, Amanda Kalka
First Row: Hailey Scharmer, Erin Kelly, Nicole Swartwout, Thomas Muscha