Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board is a group of experienced volunteers responsible for the overall governing of the North Dakota Leadership Seminar. They assume complete responsibility for the financial success of the organization through managing our charitable gaming operations, writing grants, and leading an annual fund drive. The Board also meets at least five times a year to track their progress as they recruit students, assemble the program, line up volunteers, and make all necessary arrangements to ensure the organizations success in planning an OUTSTANDING seminar each year.

2018 Chair

Director of Adult Staff

Director of Alumni

Director of Community Outreach

Director of Facilities

Director of Finances 

Co-Director of Fundraising

Co-Director of Fundraising

Director of Operations

Co-Director of Program

Co-Director of Program

Co-Director of Recruitment

Co-Director of Recruitment

Director of Registration

Director of Social Media

Director of Volunteerism

Director of Technology


Bryce Scharmer

Sara Litton

Dustin Whitney

Joe Kalka

Josh Knutson

Ashley Haugen

Dorothy Lick

Jedediah Geer

Stephanie Foughty

Dana Altendorf

Mitch Johnson

Amanda Braxton

Hailey Scharmer

Jenna Scharmer

Ethan Johnson

Torrin Poss

Josh Haugen

Kelsey Altendorf