2017-2018 Seminar Planning Meetings

The NDLS State Committee meets in Bismarck multiple times throughout the year to plan the three-day Leadership Seminar. Any alumni members are welcome to attend.




Please contact Bryce Scharmer for more information.


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Volunteer Hours Leaderboard 

Volunteering is a large part of NDLS and tracking your hours can help us show our direct impact to the communities of North Dakota that we benefit. The first two leaderboards show the top five leaders for the current month, in the categories of 2016 student leaders and all other alumni. The third leaderboard shows the top five leaders from both categories combined for the previous month. To get your name on one of the leaderboards, click the link below and start logging your volunteer hours!

February 2017 - Students
Pamela Rath 651 hours, 30 minutes
Travis Dean 90 hours, 0 minutes
Hannah Heisler 87 hours, 30 minutes
Rylan Myron 72hours, 30 minutes
Morgan Krizan 71 hours, 30 minutes
February 2017 - Alumni
Pamela Rath 651 hours,30 minutes
Thomas Muscha 325 hours, 30 minutes
Amanda Kalka 244 hours, 0 minutes
Elizabeth Holzwarth 232 hourss, 0 minutes
Logan Hermes 205 hours, 0 minutes
January 2017
Marissa Diggs 27 hours, 30 minutes
Thomas Muscha 22 hours, 30 minutes
Samantha Fite 18 hours, 30 minutes
Heather Hintz 17 hours, 45 minutes
Jozie Johnson 12 hours, 0 minutes

To Date: 9447 hours, 48 minutes
2014-2015:4937 hours, 15 minutes
2013-2014:4600 hours, 15 minutes
2012-2013:5376 hours, 45 minutes
2011-2012: 5352 hours, 15 minutes
2010-2011: 5326 hours, 30 minutes
2009-2010: 5318 hours, 45 minutes
2008-2009: 3955 hours, 30 minutes